Hoteling, also known as unassigned seating in office space programming, is becoming increasingly popular. Many have attributed it to decreased operating costs, i.e. less desks dedicated to employees equals less space needed. However, lately creative and technology firms have adopted this office space model, as companies look to make unique design choices for their employees environment’s. Companies are now viewing office space as an extension of the home and are seeking to create more comfortable spaces for their employees. 

Would you choose a cubicle or a cafe?   

When you’re at your house do you always sit in the same chair? 

If given the choice, people generally choose a office space best suited to the task they are working on or group they are working with. Companies are catching on. They’ve started to notice that promoting comfortable work environments, usually leads to better work and happier employees. This new trend in hoteling (without assigned desks) is now being called “hot-desking”.  Several months ago we were meeting with Jarrod Arbini from Weaver Architects and he referred to it as the “Un-Office”.  Whatever you want to call it, it is becoming the latest trend in office space planning.  What was once was thought of a way to decrease overhead costs is actually becoming a way to attract the best talent, and a new and possibly better way for people to work.