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The Latest Buzz in Seattle Office Space - February 2015


The Latest Buzz in Seattle Office Space - February 2015

Seattle Tenant's - Trending Story: 

Bay Area Transplants

Where is the next wave of Seattle tenant's coming from? 

In 2014, Techstars reported a 65% increase in startup company applications from San Francisco from the previous year. In addition to startups, many large San Francisco tech giants have moved to Seattle, such as Alibaba, Apple and Ebay. As we heard repeatedly at Geekwire's Startup Day event, companies find that Seattle employees are much more loyal than those in the Valley and an increasing number are opening engineering offices in Seattle to recruit experienced and dedicated talent.  

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New Seattle Office Developments: 

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Seattle Funding Update: 

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New Seattle Office Leases: 

Q4 2014

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New Blocks of Office Space Seattle: 

(20,000+ RSF / Past 120 Days)

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