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Dog-Friendly Seattle Office Space


Dog-Friendly Seattle Office Space

Dogs will always be part of our office space culture at Suite Partners…Here’s why:

  • Reduces stress

  • Increases collaboration and fresh-air intake

  • Increases social interaction

  • Encourages longer work hours

  • Grizzly is our buddy

You may have started to notice companies catching on.  Here are a few notable dog-friendly companies in Seattle:

As larger companies adopt this as a perk we’ve see an increasing amount of owners pushed to change their building policies. This has primarily been in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown, such as South Lake Union, Pioneer Square, Capitol Hill and Fremont. However, a few high-rises have also changed their pet policies thanks to Amazon, for example West 8th, 1800 Ninth, and 1918 8th are all multi-tenant buildings and now allow dogs. Outside of Amazon, and in an attempt to attract creative tenants, the Dexter Horton Building on the south-end of town just started marketing dog-friendly office space this year.  

As tech and creative firms continue to dominate our market growth, we suspect that more traditional office buildings in downtown Seattle will start opening their doors to dogs as well.  We’ll keep you posted!