Just another day at the office…Several months ago we visited Twitter’s office in San Francisco, where we noticed multiple beer fridges on every floor. When we asked an employee how they regulate consumption, he said “It’s on an honor system…we don’t.”  

We’ve seen an increasing number of companies talking about bars on tours and planning them in their space. In fact, we recently moved our office space to WeWork in South Lake Union where they offer local rotating kegs with free beer on tap.

So what’s with this new trend or rather a throwback to an earlier era?  Workdays, especially for technology, media and start-up companies, are stretching past happy hour. As a perk to lure talent, keep employees late and encourage social and work hours to blur, companies are installing beer fridges, stocking full bars, and even putting speakeasies and full taverns.  Check out these Seattle office bars…

WeWork | South Lake Union

We Work a co-working office space in South Lake Union and many major markets offers its members free beer around the clock and weekly networking happy hours.

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