Goodbye acoustical tile, vanilla walls and drab carpet! For years covering up structure was perceived as high-end and modern. Today there is a new trend in office space. Almost every cool, creative company (or those that want to be) are asking for exposed ceilings, brick & beam and polished concrete. Why is this new look so appealing? It’s not your parent’s office! 

Most companies are leaning towards an open environment that allows for more flexibility and teamwork. So why not go the extra stretch and not only knock down the thick walls, but also strip away all of the old second generation space. The space ends up feeling more like a loft than an office. It is reflective of the people working there, creating and designing, versus an uninspired vanilla box. 

The only downside – cost. Many tenants think exposed ceilings are cheaper, but in reality all of the cleanup involved to make them look nice can be very expensive and take up a significant portion of your tenant improvement allowance. Is it worth it? Below are photos of several Seattle office tenants... We’ll let you decide…