Tenant Representation

At Clark Fadden we exclusively represent tenants in lease transactions. By working solely on behalf of the tenant, we eliminate conflicts of interest and are able to provide full transparency and unbiased advice to our clients. 

Over 70% of the buildings in downtown Seattle are represented by large commercial real estate firms that derive a significant amount of their revenue from landlords through listing representation and property management.  At Clark Fadden our revenue from lease transactions is 100% tied to tenant representation.  This ensures that our firm will never represent both sides of an office lease transaction, making it possible for us to push for the best terms for our clients without any allegiance to the landlord.

Finding the right office space can be complicated and time consuming. We take care of this for you, evaluating options and negotiating on your behalf. Our integrated services include:   

Office Leasing

Needs Assessment

Property Search

Market Review

Lease Negotiations

Financial Analysis

Lease Renewals

Strategic Planning

Workplace Strategy

Location Studies

Vendor Selection

Talent Attraction 

Qualitative Due Diligence

Sublease Dispositions

Portfolio Management

Lease Audits

Strategic Oversight

Vendor Management

Critical Date Timeline

Budget Reconciliation  

Space Consolidation